“Ms. Karpman’s music, melding Ivesian collage with club-culture remixing, morphed from one vivid section to the next [ASK YOUR MAMA] in a dream-like flow, with repeated phrases and motifs lending a strand of continuity. The audience thundered its approval.”

New York Times

…weaving a disparate tapestry of hopes and fears, wonder and dread...the result is unashamedly epic in its overall scope, yet sensitive enough to be distinctly melancholy, wistful and downright magic. Traditions die hard, and this sprawling, adventurous score [Taken] is ample testimony why.”


“Evocative original music”

Los Angeles Times

“Music that is playful, rhythmic, and ever-changing. She dances amidst her progressions, her pieces carry the orchestration from traditional to avant guard….undoubtly one of the most vibrant composers…”


“…imaginative, colorful, and often surprisingly varied music.”


“we just listened and marveled.”

Mercury News (San Jose, Ca.)

“[ASK YOUR MAMA] is fevered, restrained, super-lush in turns…always impressive.”

Vanity Fair